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Azalea Systems is a professional services corporation that specializes in assisting Federal, State, and Local public sector organizations to measure and track their performance and link their budgets to progress toward strategic goals.

Performance evaluation is essential; with Federal and State public expenditures exceeding $3 Trillion annually, each 1% improvement in management of those resources has the potential to yield $30 Billion in savings that would recur each year, savings that could be used to expand existing programs or to address new requirements.

Azalea Systems uses a unique structured approach to performance evaluation that takes into consideration any external factors that are identified as affecting program performance. The results are measures of effectiveness that reflect both the impact of the organization's internal efforts and the degree of influence of the external factors.

By also developing systems that link expenditures to organizational outputs, Azalea Systems creates measures of internal efficiency that can be used as benchmarks to track performance over time. Armed with this knowledge and the measures of effectiveness, leading indicators are developed to forecast future results. These indicators allow organizations to create Performance-based Budgets that define the relationship between resource levels and progress toward strategic objectives.

For further information on how Azalea Systems can help your organization, contact info@azaleasystems.com.

Federal Mandate

Public Law 103-62, known as the Government Performance and Results Act, requires federal agencies to measure their Activities, Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts. Using those measurements as a foundation, OMB Circular A-11 requires agencies to submit Performance-based   Budgets, and to show how the requested resources will contribute to the agency�s strategic goals. OMB�s Performance Assessment Rating Tool (PART) evaluates the progress agencies are making. PART has become part of the federal budget process; agency evaluations are published annually as part of the President�s Budget.

Azalea Systems has developed software for property managers and condominium associations. For more details go to azaleapredictor.com
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