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Azalea Systems delivers the following consulting and systems development services to managers of public sector programs:

Evaluation of a Program/Organization’s Effectiveness:

Definition of Outcome Indicators that represent progress toward Strategic Objectives

Identification of organizational Outputs that are intended to result in improved Outcomes

Identification of External Factors that may influence the intended Outcomes

Data analysis to determine the impact that various Outputs and External Factors have upon the intended Outcomes

Recommendations of actions that could be taken to improve program/organizational performance

Evaluation of the Efficiency of a Program/Organization:

Evaluation of the efficiency with which Assets are utilized

Determination of Cost Efficiency (Cost/Activity, Cost/Output)

Determination of the relationship between Outputs and Activities (Operational Efficiency)

Creation of a Performance-based Budgeting System:

Based on the Effectiveness and Efficiency analyses, development of Leading Indicators of performance.

Using Leading Indicators, development of the relationships between financial resources and expected Outcomes

Systems Development Services:

Development of performance tracking systems to ensure that the foregoing measurements are updated and made available to others who contribute to or have responsibility for the results.

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