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The Founder and President of Azalea Systems is Paul E. Pakos. Paul has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, with a strong background in both Finance and Information Technology. His public sector experience includes the role of Budget Chief for a federal agency in Washington, and in this capacity he had frequent working contact with the Office of Management & Budget and with Congressional legislative staff. 

His private sector experience covers the entire IT professional spectrum: Program Manager, Business Unit VP, Group Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and most recently, Chief Executive Officer of an IT company in England. He also has 9 years experience as a consultant to a wide variety of federal agencies and has presented before the President’s Council on Management Improvement.

After an earlier Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT and experience in that field, Paul was selected as a Sloan Fellow at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. In that capacity, he focused his research upon the evaluation and control of federal programs, earning a second Master’s degree in Management, the first being from the University of Arkansas. Rounding out his formal education, he is also a graduate of the National Defense University, where he studied international relations and national security issues.

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